Got overdue or late tax returns?

GYTBO is here to help - you can lodge your late tax returns right here online within 15 minutes!

  • Keep the ATO happy and have peace of mind!
  • Lacking the records? GYTBO will fill in the gaps!
  • GYTBO has easy to fill out forms that make sense.
  • GYTBO works in your behalf in negotiating fines or getting late fines waived.
  • Each year's tax returns start from only $99!

Make Me Tax Happy!

How to lodge your late tax return

You can lodge tax returns from 2012 onwards directly online through GYTBO's online forms. Give us a call to begin tax returns from years previous to 2012 or alternatively, you can provide us with all the details you have through the online form or by contacting us and we will fill in the gaps! GYTBO makes late tax returns as simple as our online form, so don't be afraid to give us a call or shoot us a message.

What if I don't have the paper work?

As the years go by, it's understandable that group certificates and receipts fall by the way side! GYTBO can access your income information collected by the ATO on your behalf to fill the missing pieces! Sometime's the ATO won't have all the information but we can help you out. Thankfully GYTBO has been in the game for a while and understands the rules for tax returns for each year, including what claims can be made without receipts. So we can advise you on how to maximise your tax return for each year.

late tax returns

Why Should I lodge a late tax return?

If you owe tax, the ATO will often chase you up for an explanation. They may impose penalties and interest on money owed as well. GYTBO can help you negotiate these tricky areas with the ATO once your late tax returns are lodged. If the ATO owes you money, they're less likely to fine you but that money is better off in your pocket rather than theirs! Lodging a late tax return isn't hard - just fill in the details as much as you can for each year and we will help you fill the missing pieces and get your tax up to date!

There's only online forms for 2012 onwards!

That's right - you can fill in the information you have and let us know what year the information is intended for in the notes then GYTBO will act accordingly! Alternatively, give us a call or contact us by email and we will use the information you provide us and information collected from the ATO to get your tax return completed for any year!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions because we're here to help, or get started with getting your tax up to date - there's nothing to lose!

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