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Tis the season! The 2017 tax season has now kicked off which means your refund is waiting for you to grab it. More than ever Australians are turning to online tax returns. Get your tax back online aka GYTBO are experts at guiding you through this process. 

The GYTBO essentials tax form will help you quickly and easily get the best refund in 2017. After entering your background details, the tax form will provide a running tax estimate as you enter your income and your expenses for the year. Check out what it looks like - easy to follow and you can track your refund as you go.

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What are the ATO focussed on this year?

Did you know the ATO advises registered tax agents regarding their compliance program every year. As a registered agent, GYTBO is here to help you claim with confidence.

In 2017, the ATO has a particular focus on these areas:

  • Higher than expected deductions for your occupation. The ATO checks this via data matching. As a registered tax agent, they’ll be letting us know if your claim last year was higher than they expect.  A heavy focus this year for the ATO will be mobile phone and internet claims along with car expenses.
  • The sharing economy is also on the watch list. If you’re earning income from the Uber, Air Tasker, Air BnB etc and need to know how to declare this as well as importantly how to claim your expenses, have a chat to us to feel confident about it.
  • Not declaring all income. That pesky bank interest of $1.00 can be a pain. With technology and data matching improving all the time, the ATO picks up all income not declared on your return. With required declarations from all financial intuitions this is a big area that the ATO will be narrowing in on.
  • Other income that might not be top of mind but is now more than ever being scrutinised by the ATO is foreign income. The ATO has access to foreign income data exchanged with other countries which has increased in recent years. This information is now automatically shared with the ATO.

Make sure you don’t miss out on claiming something because you’re not sure. Let GYBTO help you to claim with confidence. Our experienced tax accountants and tax agents are here to take the worry out of your tax.

Fun fact:

9 out of 10 returns the ATO scrutinised due to data matching last year were adjusted. The ATO reported that the major reason was clients not waiting for all information to be available that was needed for their return. Let GYTBO help you update your information with confidence. If the ATO adjusts your return, it may not be because you got it wrong. Claim with confidence so you can ensure you receive the refund you’re entitled to. 

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