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The 2019 tax season has kicked off. With more experienced who specialise in tax year round and spend on average more time looking for improvements for you, you can be confident in your tax outcomes with GYTBO.

Be confident in your refund and return with GYTBO!

Tax with confidence in 2018

The ATO advises registered tax agents regarding their compliance program every year. As a registered agent, GYTBO is here to help you claim with confidence.

In 2019, the ATO continues its focus in these areas:

  • Car related expenses - the ATO will be checking how you calculate your km. We can help make sure you calculate correctly. Check out the tips in your tax form to feel good about your claim.
  • Laundry - uniforms and laundry are the biggest target area for the ATO especially when there are round numbers and the not so correct $300 claims listed. Use our calculator to help you calculate correctly and check the tips to make sure you can claim a uniform. Not sure? Chat to your GYTBO accountant.
  • Home office - working from home is part and parcel of most careers these days. The ATO however will be triple checking how you are making your claim. Internet and/or phone costs - do you know how to claim these correctly? Make sure your confident and in the know. Check out our guides or ask your GYTBO accountant for help.

Anything new in 2019?

The government has announced a new low and middle income offset. With GYTBO we automatically calculate this for you. Again - confidence you get access to everything you should do.

Make sure you don’t miss out on claiming something because you’re not sure. Let GYBTO help you to claim with confidence. Our experienced tax accountants and tax agents are here to take the worry out of your tax.


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