General Information:

Who can use GYTBO?

Anyone needing to lodge their Australian Tax Return. Check out our is GYTBO for me page for more information.

How much does it cost?

Our tax returns are $69.00 for all the essential tax needs regardless of how many jobs or deductions you have. We also offer additional options such as Fee From Refund (FFR) and Audit Protection that you can choose if it suits you.

Please see our pricing page for more information. Further details for complex returns are also listed here.


What payment options are there?

There are 2 options available. Fee from refund (FFR) or Credit Card. We accept both Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit cards. There is no fee on card transactions.

How do I receive my refund?

It comes directly to your nominated bank account. From 2013, the ATO requires bank details to disburse refunds and will not provide cheques.

How quick is it?

In short - quick! Let's use the average time - 7 days from start to money in the bank. This is broken down into:

  • A review by your GYTBO Tax Accountant - within 24 hours. If we discuss further details with you and you want to add further information then this could be longer. This will only be to ensure the accuracy of details matching with the ATO and to ensure your refund estimate is maximised for you.
  • Lodgement by your GYTBO Tax Agent - within 12 hours of your GYTBO accountant completing their review.
  • ATO Processing time - the ATO publicises an average processing time of 12 days.
  • Bank processing time - typically overnight. Be wary of public holidays and weekends that may change this.

Can I complete a return from a previous year?

Absolutely - GYTBO has the online returns available from 2013 onwards. For all other years prior to 2013, we will pre-fill your return for you to review and edit. Contact us on 1300 794 075 or at

What do I do if I am missing a PAYG summary?

No problem. Estimate the income and tax withheld details and advise us of the employer details in your notes. We'll check and confirm the details for you if available from the ATO portal.

What if I am a working holiday maker or non-resident of Australia?

Lodgement of your tax will be easy with GYTBO.  We can help guide you through the process. We have lots of tips and help details throughout the form. We'll also help you check your residency as well to ensure that you select the correct option. Many working holiday makers will qualify as a resident for tax purposes when they have been in Australia for over 6 months and also set up a place to live during this time. From 1 January 2017, the Australian Government made changes to the way working holiday makers are taxed. GYTBO can help you thorugh the process to make sure your tax is claimed correctly.

Who is GYTBO?

GYTBO is a group of Tax Accountants and Tax Agents that want to improve the ease of completing tax returns in Australia. We do the work behind the scenes to make it easier and more convenient for you. We specialise in tax which means we don't spread ourselves across all accounting disciplines.

Completing My Return:

What information do I need to complete my return?

The basic information that you will need is your tax file number, bank details (for your refund) and your PAYG (aka group certificate) from your employer.

What do I need to do with my documentation?

Hang on to your documentation for 5 years to be sure. The ATO does have shorter timeframes for simple tax affairs. We would anticipate our clients claiming work related deductions though - this requires 5 years. To retain records for the shorter timeframe of 2 years, you will need to meet the following simple tax affairs requirements:

Your income consists only of:

  • salary and wages and you claim deductions only for:
  • Interest paid by an Australian bank
  • Dividends from an Australian company listed on the ASX

AND your deductions consist only of:

  • the cost of managing your tax affairs
  • bank fees and charges, including taxes and duties
  • deductible gifts of money and donation of money

What do I do if I have questions or I am unsure on what to enter?

There are plenty of options here:

  • As a starter you can check out the help, tips, evidence and calculation icons in your form.
  • FAQ's may also have the answer.
  • Use the notes section in your tax form to write a question or ask for help from your GYTBO Accountant. When they review your return they can assist with all queries.
  • Contact Us by email at
  • Give us a call on 1300 794 075 and we'll be happy to help.

Do I need to complete my return in one sitting?

No. You can save your information and come back at any time. The GYTBO form is available to you 24/7.

After Submission

It's longer than 12 days - where's my refund?

Although this is rare, there are a few reasons this might occur. The most common reason is that the ATO has decided to look more closely at your return. This could occur as a result of their system triggering an alert to review information. Alternatively, your refund has been released by the ATO but bank processing times (remember this is business days only) have added an extra day.

Unfortunately the ATO won’t give us details of the reason for delay until it’s been 30 days from lodgement. If you have been waiting longer than 30 days, please contact us as we can assist with submission of a refund request to the ATO on your behalf.

Tax Specific Information

I have heard that I don't need to keep records if I claim $300 of deductions.

The ATO allows for a limited number of deductions under $300. They may not require the evidence but may still ask how the claim was worked out and why it is required for your occupation. Tip: The average Australian claims well in excess of $300 in deductions.

For more detailed information, here are the specific exclsuions straight from the ATO (Note: Information referenced and accessed on 28 June 2016 at

  • total work-related expense claims of $300 or less
  • laundry ($150 or less)
  • travel expenses that are covered by a travel allowance and are within the reasonable allowance amounts published by the ATO.
  • award transport payments where the claim is limited to the amount payable under an award as at 29 October 1986. If your client has a claim for any additional kilometres not covered by the award transport payment, car expenses can be claimed but only using either the logbook method (your client will need written evidence) or the cents per kilometre method
  • small expenses such as pens or notepad ($10 each or less and not more than $200 in total).

What do I do when I can't find my receipt?

Firstly, evidence doesn't automatically mean receipt although in the case of expenses, this is the most common form of documentation that the ATO will accept. The evidence you'll need to show is a document that includes: The suppliers name, the amount, date of purchase (or date expense incurred), the date of the document and what it was for.

If you don't have your original receipt, alternative ideas that may meet these needs can include: Bank or credit card statements, BPay reference numbers, emailed invoices, PAYG summary union fees or donations, electronic or paper copies, contacting the supplier to re-issue. In addition, you can record the expense yourself, like a diary entry (up to a limit of $200, and for not more than $10 per expense).

Privacy and Confidentiality

How is the information that I provide dealt with?

GYTBO takes security of personal information to heart. We have 256 bit SSL security certified encryption.

Your unique username and password gives you complete control over who sees your information. When your information is lodged with the ATO, this is done so via the ATO's AUSkey security credential. We have tips on how to keep your information secure as well as what GYTBO is doing to help this in our Security Hub.